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For most of my entire life, I’ve kept bound written journals. I used to jump for joy when I could buy a new one in St. Pete’s Beach at a store called “Moon Shadow”. I’ve written about the good times and used my writing to help me process the bad times. They sit in a bin, possibly a hundred strong now.

Over eight years ago, Chris introduced me to blogging. I was extremely hesitant to share my life online, but found writing openly to be such a powerful force. I started a blog about my fitness adventures and made lasting connections, next I blogged about my photography business and it grew, and eventually I ended up bring it all together here to create one space: life, food, fitness, photos.

What I didn’t anticipate was anyone actually reading my words. Much has changed the past few years. I deleted years worth of blog posts in a broken moment, and still regret losing that to this day. In the past year, I had abandoned my written journals to write mostly online.

What I’ve learned is that no matter where you write, it’s important to tell your story. What is left behind on this journey are not only photographs and videos, but our thoughts in the written word. I love to write openly here, but maybe it’s time I get back to pen and paper and take more photos.

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One of my favorite apps for my iPod and my Macbook is DayOne. While I loved to write on paper, sometimes it’s wonderful to be able to add a photo, a location, time, or the weather to my writing automatically. My thoughts spill out faster than my hand can use a pen most days, so when I have much to say: typing is the only way.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there here or above.

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