A painless and easy way to save money. | #frugal

One of the best ideas I came across several years ago has become the easiest way to save money. Oftentimes, I hear from others that it’s just too hard to save money. There are so many bills and shiny new objects that catch our eye. Saving isn’t as exciting, especially now when you just move electronic dollars from one account to another. You don’t even go to the bank with your pennies anymore! Well, I’m going to tell you a quick way to save money each year toward any goal, big or small.

The process is easy. We work from set cash allowances every paycheck. When I use cash to buy gas or take us out to dinner, I usually get change. When I receive a $5 bill as part of my change, I put that $5 bill into an envelope. That’s it.

Each time I get a $5 bill, it gets removed from my wallet and put in an envelope.

It’s pretty painless. You can choose any denomination. I love $5 bills because they aren’t super painful like a $10 or a $20 bill might be to remove from my wallet’s circulation, but they aren’t as often to show up as $1 bill.

Throughout the year I’ll pull from this envelope to pay for travel or holiday gifts. At the start of the new year, I have a fresh empty envelope to fill slowly.

Last year, doing this for 6 months I saved $200, which paid for our gas to drive to Florida.

Chris and I have made it a competition in the past to see who gets the most $5 bills.

The only downside I’ve found is when I get change back and I get all $5 bills. One time, I received $30 in change in $5 bills! I looked at the cashier with the utmost shock, looking in her drawer for any other bill she could give me. She probably thought I was nuts.

Then I accepted that it will be a little tighter that week and deposited all the $5 bills into my envelope. It hurt, but not as bad as wasting that money on crap I don’t need and will donate later anyway.

I love seeing my envelope fill up and feel like it’s found money to truly enjoy.

Have you ever tried anything like this?

Take a look in your wallet, do you have any $5 bills to save?

– kn –