5 Tips for Humid Outdoor Running

I mentioned yesterday it was time to get back out there. And that I did. It was 90° with no breeze by the water! I ran 3 miles with some walking mixed in. It was so hot… Thank goodness I learned my lesson last summer and during the winter picked up two thin UA tanks to run in.

The usual rule of thumb is to dress for 20 degrees warmer than the current temperature when you’re running outdoors. That’s all well and good at 50° degrees, to dress for 70°, but when it’s 90° – I don’t think anyone wants to see what my outfits at 110° look like 🙂

Make sure to wear a tank tap or very light weight shirt. Tank tops work best to release the heat from your shoulders, but make sure to wear sunscreen.

Before going out drink a good amount of water and bring some with you.

Run by feel. Don’t push yourself and if you have to slow down or walk, do it. Listen to your body, because heat and heat exhaustion are no joke.

Best of all, run early or late in the day. I prefer early if I can get it, since the cool of the night is just wearing off. Late in the day is a bit warmer and you might be running against the sunset clock.

Don’t run like I do mid-day sometimes… crazy me.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? We spent time with MiMa and PopPop and went to a party on Staten Island to celebrate a 2nd birthday.

Trying to lift the rock together.

Let’s take a selfie.

I was impressed that Miles learned how to use a scooter in 2 seconds flat!

After the my run yesterday, we enjoyed some amazing smoked bacon from our friend Alex. Chris used some of it to make a spaghetti carbonara. It was so awesome, I wish you could smell this photo.

Last week, Chris made these cupcakes at the cake decorating class I bought him for his birthday. These things are delicious. I cannot wait to see what he makes in the next few weeks!

Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes… yum!

I can say for sure, I’m not a shushing librarian… but I thought this was too funny not to share.

Miles is in trouble with two parents who are educators 🙂

– kn –