I forgot how to make normal food.

Some pretty exciting opportunities are presenting themselves these days, but I can’t share them just yet. Just know, I’m trying not to jump to high for joy for fear of injuring myself. I’m clumsy like that.

Ever go to Wegmans or Whole Foods and spend entirely too much?

Yeah, I have been doing that far too much this year. Thankfully, Chris put together this week’s meal plan of “normal” dinners and we’ve been using up what’s around the house. Riding our bikes to the regular ol’ supermarket also helped deter my desire for $6 sushi and fancy whole organic foods. It just doesn’t exist there.

Chris said to me the other day, “Why can’t you make normal meals anymore? Everything you make is new or different.”

Man, hmmm… You got me.

I’ve spent so much time building up new recipes in my Paprika app and following blogs doing “different” things to old classics, that I feel like a plain ol’ dish of macaroni and cheese just isn’t – right? enough? me? To be honest, I can’t even remember old school meals like that.

Chris wrote a list this week of standards in 0.2 seconds and I completely forgot they existed.

Maybe it’s time to take a journey down memory lane and slow my new food adoption strategy. Pinterest, Instagram, Bloggers… ah, you’ve ruined me with you glorious pictures of whole foods looking beautiful on the clean white plate. Your vegan, raw peanut butter cups just look and taste so much better than Reese’s.

What old school foods do you love? I remember we used to eat Ramen when we first bought our house, Kraft Mac & Cheese by the bundle and we loved frozen dinners, as well as canned/boxed goods. I.used.to.eat.boxed.mashed.potatoes. < No joke.

I can’t believe how much has changed, one little choice at a time. The only thing frozen is meat or vegetables, and the fridge is all personal containers of cooked leftovers, fruits and vegetables with water containers and milk.

On another note, I did great running the other day in the heat, but a few happy events have gotten in my way on hitting the rest of my week’s plans after school. I have been getting up around 5:45am naturally, but I just read personal development blogs instead of working out.

It’s okay. I’m giving myself a little time to get back into the groove. Luckily, the plan said to cross-train for a few days of the week – so I count chasing a 2 year old around for 2-3 hours a night as cross-training. Don’t you?

I need my running buddies to get me out there on the weekends for a long run. Are you with me?

– kn –