Happy Birthday, Dad.

Dad, you would have been 62 years old today.

The weather is a bit cooler than normal, but the sun has come out at just the right moments this season.

I know through the sun’s warmth you are proud of me, and helping us along the way.

When I spend time with these two guys, I feel like you’re right in on the joke. Thanks for bringing so much laughter into my life through the years. I’ll be doing the same ridiculous things to Miles and his friends in no time, with you as my inspiration.

Your kindness, openness, honesty, and love have taught me how to give to others. You may not be here to make any more new memories, but I’ll never forget the ones we’ve made in the past.

Keep doing strange things to make Mom freak out around the house.

Keep sending along a red Sunbird convertible with a white cloth top at a random time just when I need to think about you. That’s an old car and a limited model, and it’s amazing how many people have most likely surpassed the 200,000-mile mark like you did and are still going. When I see it, I can’t help but check to see if it’s you in the driver seat.

Until we see each other again, have a big ol’ party up there.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

– kn –