Taking a break.

I tend to write less often in the summer, because I have more free time to explore our hobbies and be outdoors. This summer is no exception, with a bunch more twists and turns in the process. We will be closing on a new home in a few weeks, moving, and all that goes with that.

In addition, I am designing a new library space for my new school, writing curriculum, and attending a few #edtech conferences. On top of all that, Chris is working on various huge home projects for family before we delve into our own home. He’s also keeping the House of #Edtech podcast going strong, too.
While I normally try to keep up with blogging, this summer it is going to take a backseat majorly to living life. I might focus more on sharing my wellness journey coming this fall, when I will finally have the time, space, and energy to pursue something more.
Thanks for hanging in there during our numerous transitions. It’s one heck of a ride we are happy to be on!
Oh, and you can find us at the beach or pool most days of the week, even if just for a little while.
I’ll see ya a few times over the next couple of weeks… I’m sure.