Miles first solo swim and official race, triathlons here he comes!

Before we get to my 5k race recap, I have some awesome firsts to share with you for Miles. He swam all by himself today several times in my aunt’s pool, using only a swim bubble. It’s a small piece that goes on their back, but they have to do all the work to stay afloat. He rocked it! He looked like he was pool running.

You can see it below from the lake.

Then this evening, Miles ran his first official race! It was a 25 yard toddler trot. We caught it on video, so when Bob Costas calls me in 15-20 years about his Olympic debut I’ll be ready. No pressure Miles, ha.

Of course, this kid is after my own heart – he only ran for the ice pops. Hello, my child for sure.

Him showing his prizes and muscles. We’ll be back next week, hopefully with better weather.

Yep, not only did he get 1 ice pop, he went back and asked for another. He would have ate them all evening if we didn’t stop him.

Then came my 5k. I wasn’t dressed to run before we left the house, but then Chris said to put on running clothes just in case I wanted to run. Side note: I need to come up with a solid race outfit, I am not loving what I have in my drawer, it’s either too big or too small…

I did change and rolled out my calves, but didn’t pick the best of outfits regarding the 92 degrees and full humidity. Sleeves are not cooling.

I decided to sign-up for the 5k and gut it out. The field was super small, which these series are usually, and I just didn’t want to be last – as I am always very close to in these types of races. The entire run was just awful heat wise, I swear the good Lord is preparing me for Badwater one day.

I ran a steady 11-12 min pace, which I was happy with considering the heat and I had no clue the course, that winded through woods and was a bit hilly. I managed to pass one woman, so I wasn’t the last woman in the race. I know, pretty sad. I did see that there were a few cross country runners that if this were 7 years ago, I would have beaten based on finish times. Man, I’ve got to get my act together speed-wise. It’s quite depressing.

I kept telling myself, if there is any lesson in any of this for Miles one day, it’s that I showed up. Showing up is the hardest part, and I want to keep showing up and pushing myself to reach my goals. Miles showed up, and we finished his toddler trot last (because he ran all over before and after his race, but during his race he stared at the other runners and declared, “No running!”).

It’s okay to be last. Someone’s got to do it, and no one remembers anyway. I was pretty darn close to it, but I stayed and cheered the last guy in. I remember running a race once and they took down the finish line before I got there. Disheartening.

So, I showed up. I did it. I kept on track for my running plan and didn’t miss a day or have to make-up a run or push something back. I’m determined to check things off day by day, take it 1 run at a time, and stay healthy throughout my plan. No more – peroneal tendonitis will not hold me back. I foam roll, I stick, and I ordered some compression sleeves to round out my compression collection.

I won 2nd in my age group and got this awesome hat. Miles cheered me in to the finish and that was THE BEST feeling in the world. To have him yell, “Mommy, RUN!” and then him run out to me was awesome.

And I will lose this darn extra twenty pounds… Let’s do this.

– kn