Beware of the road pitch and a trip to Pt. Pleasant.

We started off our day with a spontaneous visit to Pt. Pleasant to visit the aquarium and take Miles on the rides. We invited Mar along, because she’s awesome and a lot of fun to take out.

Mar bought me the backpack I wanted for my birthday, so I took this opportunity to use it!

After we went to the aquarium, Chris and I played mini golf while Mar took Miles to the arcade. Then, it was time for a little lunch. This hot dog was all for Miles… he didn’t finish it though.

On to the rides! Miles loved the thrill of the rides. He’s a little daredevil.

He even went on them all by himself!

Our last ride was on the choo-choo train. Miles was tired at this point, look he’s thrilled!

After our exhausting morning, I headed out for a run during Miles’ nap. Another hot 3 miles completed. I swear, I’m a glutton for punishment. Sometimes you have to fit in the runs when you can, and today 2pm was it. 90 degrees, no breeze, sweat everywhere. At least I get to run by the shore.

Living so close to the shore, the roads are pitched moreso than when we lived inland. I guess drainage and all. So, one trick I use is to run on one side of the road and then stay on that side for the way back. It goes against the “run against traffic” ideal, but it gives my legs an equal opportunity for the pitch.

When I run on the roads like this and am forced to the side, is when I feel my tendonitis flare up most. I will focus on my long runs being on trails or the boardwalk, and I have to try to get up earlier to run when there are no cars and I can run in the middle of the road like I did weeks ago that was glorious!

I have gotten several questions about compression socks lately, so I’ll be writing more about those in upcoming posts. More about how they work, why I use them, and why I went back to them.

– kn –