Running on an empty stomach.

Another long run complete. It feels good to say that. I woke up early (6:45am) despite being out past my bedtime last night with Chris. I decided it was going to be a good run and got dressed before my mind turned on.

Since those familiar twinges of peroneal tendonitis have returned, I am being more cautious about my training and what I use to train with. Before bed, I put KT tape on my left foot, since my right has felt fine. I slept in that all night and kept it on for my run.

I decided to wear ProCompression low trainers to give my ankle a bit of support, as I don’t want to use the full compression socks on long runs so they take the place of my muscles doing the work to grow and build endurance.

In addition, I felt I needed more support – yep, I used to be a barefoot runner, gah – and I went with my Brooks Ravennas for the long haul.

6 miles complete. It was really a perfect run despite my tendons. The weather was cool, a soft breeze, everyone was happy on the trails and I achieved runners high 6 times. Yep, once per mile. I listened to music instead of podcasts for the first time in a long time. Man, I made a good playlist this go around.

My pace for long runs is going to be around 12-13 min miles, 60-90 seconds slower than my goal race pace. Right now, it’s about going the distance and finishing strong. With that, I did. I walked 1 minute at the end of each mile to assess how my foot felt and refresh. It worked as I had hoped.

When I run in the morning, I don’t eat before I run. It’s never been a focused thing, but I just can’t run on a full stomach. I always just gut out whatever the mileage on next to nothing. Years ago, I would drink a protein shake before a run. I can’t stomach solids, but liquids are always fine.

While on the run, I don’t take in any foods unless I’m training for more than 90 minutes. I reach that threshold sooner than most mileage wise, since I’m slower, but I usually opt for liquids. I tried Gu’s last year, and might try them again when I hit double-digits, but until 10+ miles, I’m all for a homemade sports drink, a little salt/sugar/flavor.

I have learned recently that the fact I don’t carbo-load (not a fan of pasta) and that I don’t eat before long runs means I’m a fat adapted runner. Sounds good to me, can we just work off a bit more of this fat in the meantime? Ha.

I was so terrified of this run after the past few weeks of hot humid runs and my foot twinges. I am thankful I took the optimistic approach, it really made a difference. Gotta remember that next time… remind me, okay?

– kn –