Hey there, remember me?

I’ve been meaning to write you for over a week now, but life just got in the way. We’ve been on the go with either home projects, to the beach, visiting family, new school orientation, or just spending quality time with Miles. It’s been nice to take time off writing and refocus on the important things in life.

I haven’t run in about three weeks, other than one 5 mile run/walk with Abbey last weekend. I have decided to focus, haha, on T25 for the next several weeks. My new school has a fitness facility, so I may check that out in the winter to hit the treadmills. I decided strength was more important to build than endurance at this time, since I was a super weakling during our move (and my carpel came back, which I believe is due to muscle weakness). T25, I’m yours – just not at 5am…

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned before that we’re back to cloth diapering. Miles doesn’t mind either way. I prefer the cost savings as well as the landfill savings in the process. Our diapers have held up very well with two years of use!

Just a side note, I love Miles so very much. He loves his snacks and ice cream just like the next kid, but I am super thankful he LOVES to eat vegetables. He requested an “orange pepper mommy!!” at the food store and when we got home he ate it like an apple. Too cute, I don’t even like them that much.

Just a photo of us at the beach. Can you spot my guys? It was quite chilly that day, but I believe I saw my first ever pod of dolphins at the Jersey Shore. There were about seven or eight of them scooping up fish not to far off shore.

And, last but not least, we’re getting an education in landscaping and horticulture this summer/fall. We are starting to remove the huge amounts of ivy around the property (and what’s killing our trees) and planning out our next move with what we’ll plant to replace it and if any retaining walls need to go up.

This winter I want to design a “farm” of sorts for growing season next year! We’ve been reading “The Man Who Cooked for Himself” to Miles lately and it’s inspiring me to get back to it.

That’s a mini recap. Lots of excitement in the weeks to come with several weddings and newborns, as well as a new school, and getting back into the groove. What have you been up to?

P.S. I’m running the Color Run in Englishtown on August 30th – are you?

– kn –