Thankful Thursday | The Yankees Game and Meeting Paul Olden

Chris has been in contact with the Yankees announcer, Paul Olden, for over a year now. He’s been very kind in sharing his wisdom and his scripts with Chris to help him enhance the announcing he does at the high school level. Last night, we finally made it to a Yankees game since Paul had invited Chris to stop by and say hello well over a year ago!

Paul was awesome to talk to. He’s warm, friendly, and just full of knowledge. I didn’t know who he was, or much about him before meeting him, but Chris was sure excited when he gave him an official copy of his script before the game!

We had nice seats down in the outfield right in front of the “bleacher creatures” who’s chants came back to me like it was yesterday the last time I was there. The true last time I’ve was in the new Yankees Stadium was when it first opened. I’m not a huge fan of baseball, can’t you tell?

Here’s the view from our seats…

We were given the tickets as a “thank you” for all the work Chris did for a special someone. Wahoo!

Here’s some other guy I don’t know, but he is a starting pitcher for the Yankees. I’m so out of the loop. Once Jeter retires, I don’t believe I’ll know anyone left on the team… maybe Tex is about it.

Chris forgot to remind me, after he threw my sweatshirt in the back of the car, to take it out when we walked to the stadium. Instead of begging him to leave because I was cold from the first inning onward, I went on a mission to find a Yankees sweatshirt.

I found just the right one. Charitable donations from the proceeds go to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. That made me feel closer to my Dad, as well. I’ll never forget the day Chris and I took my Dad to Sloan-Kettering. He was given a wheelchair to go up the elevator, and when we stepped off I went to say his name to the receptionist and started balling and gasping for air. My Dad held my hand and said it would be okay, telling the woman his name himself. God bless those who have had to deal with cancer in some form or another in their lives.

Back to a happier note, had to take Chris’ photo with Jeets in the background.

And we sat in front of what could have been the Real Housewives of NYC based on the constant gossip, so I had to take a “selfie” like they were the whole game…

Chris needed a photo with the stadium behind him. I think he’s afraid he’ll never get back there since it’s been so long between games.

Because I like to leave you with a smile, here’s Miles figuring out a puzzle.

You get what you give in this life. The past two years I’ve tried to focus more on giving of myself with no expectations, instead of taking everything and running. It’s been such a great feeling, and we’ve received far more from this world and others than I could have ever imagined. While I may still be 20lbs away from my goal weight, and hundreds of miles away from my goal distances, I do feel truly thankful and blessed for all we’ve gotten. The angels are really watching over us.

– kn –