The Color Run and a cleaning tip.

Saturday I had the pleasure of running The Color Run with a running bandit. Well, not exactly a running bandit, though she did have the bandana to go with it. My sister-in-law, Corey, wasn’t able to make it to The Color Run as originally planned, so I asked Abbey to go in her place = awesomeness.

Waiting in the chute in the shade where it was chilly!

I didn’t take any photos on the run, we were too busy walking and chatting. This isn’t a run where I’m ever motivated to run – so many walkers. So, we just chatted it up and splashed each other with color.

We found a nice person to take our photo 🙂

Strike a pose.

And then it was time to clean-up and quickly get ready for our housewarming party! Photos to come.

P.S. Abbey’s beau Jay found a tip online last year to use Suave shampoo to clean off the colors from the run. It worked perfectly and was far easier to clean than last year. Thanks Jay for the tip!