Our Chips and Dips Housewarming Party

We had an “Open House” House Warming Party over the weekend and it centered on Chips and Dips. Several people brought different types of dips that I need to get the recipe to… This was just a small sampling of what we had over the course of the day!

Now that I think of it, I actually took about .2 photos of the house and the people inside. There was more fun to be had taking photos of the kids at the playground near our house!

Bryan was rocking the swings for a bit, pushing Raine who’ll be 6,  JJ who’s 4, and holding Miles who’s 2 1/2. Hmmm… I think Bryan needs to have 3 kids, it worked out perfectly.

The two toddlers running all over the place.

Two sisters, two partners in crime. Jade is the cuddliest little gal, I love to squeeze her up!

The big kids zipping down the slides.

PopPop had is hands full on the see-saw. He taught them a new song…
See-saw, knock on the door… who’s there? PopPop…
what does he want? a glass of beer… get outta here you silly old goat!

Look at me, I am tall!

PopPop even got in on the climbing fun 🙂

We had a great time with all of our friends and family who came to show their excitement for our next chapter. It’s been a long several years of a townhouse in a bad neighborhood and then living with my Mom for the past half year… but now, we’re so thankful to be settled and ready to entertain like we used to.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us, celebrate with us, and support our journey! You rock!

– kn –