Monkey writes a letter to Abbey and Jay.

It’s been a bit since I’ve shared Monkey here on the blog. I’ve been enjoying his company a lot lately, and taking a lot of photos we’re just keeping in the family. I have been sharing him on Instagram when I have time.

A day last week he was super cute and sat at Chris’ desk. He wanted a pen and a piece of paper. When I asked him what he was doing, he said “writing a letter to Abbey and Jay, Mommy” as if I should know that already.

Abbey and Jay are two great friends of ours for the past several months who hadn’t met Monkey up until recently. Any time we had a chance to go out with them, we took that opportunity to find a babysitter 🙂 Monkey loves Abbey and Jay, A LOT. He put Jay in time-out their first time over our house, and he always asks when they are coming over.

So, it warms my heart that he is always thinking about everyone and it makes me wonder – who taught him about writing a letter? Haha. I don’t think we’ve written any letters recently, but he’s always learning! My baby guy is pretty awesome.

– kn –