Chris is a puppeteer and I’m not allowed to give up.

This is what I live with…

Luckily, I find this quite amusing most day. If it wasn’t for this guy, not the puppet, I am not sure I’d still be here. He’s always supporting me, picking me up when I fall, and pushing me forward – and trying to make me laugh when I feel there isn’t an ounce of laughter in this worn out soul.

I have been having a really rough go of it the past few weeks, most days ending with tears or unbelievable feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety keeping me up all night. I know running, eating healthier, and lifting weights will solve a lot of my anxious and self-conscious problems – as well as help me fit into my sausage-casing of a wardrobe.

Now, if only I could convince myself to get my act together…

Fitness is a lifelong journey. I keep failing and falling off the bandwagon to get back on stronger than before. With all the transitions the past year in our lives (sold a home, lived with my mom, bought a home, started a new job), I’m trying to find a balance between work, home, nutrition, and exercise. It’s hard, very hard.

I understand what it is to struggle to make time, to even have the energy to do so. I’m in the thick of it right now. I can tell you one thing though, that guy above won’t let me give up on myself, at least not without a fight.

So, I’m not giving up yet, but I’m searching inside for that fire that has been here all along. And for a pen and paper to write crap down. Planning, my friend, is how I like to do things. It’s time to come up with something that’ll work for me for the next few weeks to get back in my running shoes and on the trails.

Just keepin’ it real.

– kn –

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  1. I bet Chris is extremely talented… my younger brother is a ventriloquist and it used to drive me nuts occasionally! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting… thought I would have a look at yours in return. Cheers!

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