The best photography assistant.

Chris never gets any credit for the work he does during the weddings he’s assisted me on. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get a lot of the gorgeous portraits I have over the years, nor the family groups together and lined up so nicely.

In an ode to Chris, here’s a bit of what I captured during the last wedding we did together. I tend to get a feel for the scene while he’s setting things up, so I always snag a few photos of him during the day.

He always notices the little things during a wedding, it’s awesome.

Look at that dress fluffing. Ha, he’s a pro at it now.

And, as usual, I only have one photo from this wedding of a selfie with Abbey on the dance floor! Unless I hand over my camera or ask Chris to use my backup, I rarely am photographed working. I’ve got to get better at capturing some of those hilarious moments for my own keeping 🙂

Thanks Chris, you didn’t expect to join me on this journey when I said “I think I’d like to become a photographer” but you’ve had my back the whole way. Without you encouraging me each and every day to keep going, keep trying, and keep learning… I don’t know where I’d be.

– kn –