I broke down and bought one.

I used a 3D printer for the first time this week at my new school and chose to make something small to start out: a cherry! It was super cute and the students absolutely found it fascinating. I cannot wait to see what else they decide to build.

In testing it out (we several problems getting it up and running the past week) I made a quick cell phone case with Batman on it for a student. It took 2 hours to print, wowzers.

This week we found some time to play in the park… and as usual Chris is silly.

And I started a 5k training plan to get myself back in to the groove. I ran 1.5 miles the other day, no stopping, and no music, etc. I felt so much better, and I am thankful for giving myself a mileage break and just building back slowly.

Walks, runs, weights, ah, I needed it. Miles had a ball running away from us in the park.

And, I broke down and bought a Keurig!! I blame peer pressure. We had been given a coffee maker over eight years ago and only just opened it a month ago for our house warming party. Well, I’m sure the coffee was good (I don’t drink coffee much and neither does Chris), I decided I needed something a little quicker for hot water. Seeing as how everyone I know has one of these and we enjoyed using it while staying at my mom’s – we decided to get one.

Now… the story of buying one was awful. I bought one on sale at Shoprite; turned out to be the wrong size – who drinks a 5 oz cup of anything? Then I returned it, found one at Target on sale, and brought it home, set it up, and it didn’t work. Say wha?!!? Chris returned it for me the next day (a piece was broken inside) and we finally… sigh… finally found success.

My mom says the machines knew I didn’t like coffee.

I already have a single serve custom cup, so I’ll be using that to brew my favorite teas from Mountain Rose Herbs. We don’t plan to buy too many K-cups, but who knows. When we have parties now, we’ll have perfect coffee to serve – much to the cheers of friends and family I’m sure. No more instant… unless it’s like this type of instant 😉

– kn –