What happens when you stop resisting change.

As I sat there Tuesday morning in the dark listening to the app Headspace, it clicked for me.

In resisting the change I created, I was making myself and others miserable. I had high expectations. I clung tightly to those expectations and when they didn’t come to life, I resisted any and all change in life.

As the instructor told me to notice how my body felt when I didn’t resist change, any change, I noticed in my short meditation session how much I was at ease the moment I decided to let go, to stop resisting the traffic in my mind and let it flow.

I listened intently to my thoughts and found those expectations and fears yelling at me. Instead of fighting back, I just let them speak and in that moment, they actually quieted down.

I chose to take a different path the next few days. One of “going with the flow” which is not easy for me at all, and one where I let go of my expectations of what was supposed to be, and embrace what actually was.

It made a huge difference in my week. I stopped being afraid. I let others see who I am. I let go.

While my words aren’t as graceful in explaining what I actually did, Zen Habits has a wonderful post including 12 Practical Steps for Learning to Go with the Flow for you to enjoy.

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Ones and Tens via steve pavlina (awesome take on How to Win Friends)

11 ways to Let Go and Feel Less Stress via Marc and Angel Hack Life

The Painful Beauty of Impermanence via Zen Habits

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sweet potato waffles via the lean green bean

smokey black bean burgers via minimalist baker

inner goddess truffles via pinch of yum

healthy cinnamon sugar apple muffins via pinch of yum

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I ran a total of 3 miles this week. Stellar!

I also walked a total of about 7-8 miles this week during my lunch.

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I’m glad I have a little break in the coming weeks from photography. It was getting pretty intense there weekend after weekend! I’ll be posting about fall mini sessions for the holidays soon!

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