Monkey picked out his pumpkin.

We took Monkey to pick out a pumpkin at Battleview Orchards. When we got there, it had started to rain, so we decided to pick a pumpkin from the store and get a donut to go.

Monkey wasn’t too interested in sitting next to the pumpkins, but more into lining them up on the ground to count them. He didn’t believe me when I said we’re getting only 2 pumpkins.

Monkey and Daddy took a cart ride to get some fresh apple cider. We missed apple picking this year.

The line to get donuts.

Yep, pumpkins double as nice seat cushions.

Or not. I think the pumpkin Chris picked is almost bigger than Monkey!

After braving the rain for a few pumpkins, Monkey convinced us to go to Jose’s for dinner (again).

He doesn’t have to twist our arms much to go get some chips and salsa.

Monkey mid-sentence… is he ever not telling stories?

And his favorite spot to hang out right after we eat… the side of the building. That’s my boy.

And a random photo from the mall last weekend. Miles convinced Mar to get in the car with him. She loves him soooo much, that silly Mar.

Hope you had a nice week. I’m excited for a weekend where we have no “official” plans. Whew! It’s been almost two months without an invite in the mail, but we’re still keeping busy seeing family, friends and doing house projects. I’ll have to share all of those one of these days…

– kn –