The Computer Programmer has a huge crush on the Librarian.

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Miles was invited by his Aunt Jenn and Uncle Bryan to attend a Disney store Halloween event Saturday morning. He had a ball and the photos are just too cute.

They got him his favorite breakfast.

Awe, he’s the cutest lion I’ve ever seen. Thanks UB and AJ for taking him out 🙂

The night before we were invited to our newlywed friend’s, Keith and Colleen’s, house for a tasty homemade dinner. Keith made pizza! Score, my favorite. And Colleen’s specialty was a fresh salad, dressing, and then a infomercial demonstration of her shredder (can’t remember the name!) and her vacuum sealer. My Dad would have loved her and all of her kitchen gadgets. I even gave her my Dad’s old Food Saver bags – -which she was thrilled to have 🙂

Don’t we look like the nerdiest couple? I love my nerd.

We also spent time on Staten Island seeing JoJo and Tam’s new house…

Reading through their Lego book, I came across the “Computer Programmer” and apparently he has a huge crush on the Librarian… hmmm, sounds like a couple I know 😉

The Grandmas playing iPad with the kiddos.

And about 1.5 seconds later, the kiddos disappeared, but the Grandmas kept playing Handy Manny’s matching game (and were quite excited at their wins). Too cute.

My little gal pal, Gianna! She loves to cuddle with me, ahhhh.

JoJo made awesome sandwiches: roast beef smothered in provolone on top of garlic bread.

After dinner, the children played, the adults laughed, and then it was time to go home and head to bed. Don’t worry, no one was injured in the making of this photo.

How was your weekend?

We spent the rest of the weekend painting, Chris built a few more things out of 2×4’s (which I need to photograph and share) and then did some shopping.

I didn’t run. Gah, I’m having a hard time feeling it these days. A stomach bug blew through me, so maybe this week I’ll feel quite a bit better to get out there. I’m going to pack my bag ahead of time and change before I head home from work in order to make sure I get out and crush it.

– kn –