Did you know it’s National Cookie Month? @Larabar

I had no clue it was National Cookie Month until I received these darling little treats in the mail from Larabar!! The Snickerdoodle was so yummy, and half eaten when I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo yet. I am super excited to try their Gingerbread soon, too.

I have enjoyed being a Larabar Ambassador this year, even though I didn’t write about it a zillion times on my blog. I instead chose to share them A LOT in person with colleagues, students, running buddies, family and friends which makes a big statement by standing behind something, sharing them and others telling me they bought them and love them now, too!

I’m hoping to continue sharing the Larabar love next year, but if not, I’ve definitely found a healthy go-to treat that I believe in for it’s simple ingredients and straight-forward options (when I don’t have time to make my own). No added junk works for me.

– kn –