Thankful Thursday | Moments shared.

Be thankful for the moments in life that you get to share with your pets.

I’m thankful that this little gal came into my life over eight years ago. Her name was “Ears” at the time, and she “wasn’t good with men or children” – but boy did I prove them wrong.

I wouldn’t change a thing about our experiences together. She cuddled frequently, we learned hard lessons and happy lessons together building our common language, and she protected us when we needed her to.

I only wish she could spend more time outdoors in her new backyard, soaking up the sun and really seeing all that is around her. She can’t see. She can barely hear, but she still has her moments when she looks, moves, or snuggles that remind me of her younger self. She’s the most awesome Chihuahua I’ve known.

Bambi, I’m thankful each day that you’ve been in our lives and continue to be… you are my baby girl.

– kn –