House Project: Interior Doors and Electrical

We’ve been super busy each weekend managing our social calendars, personal projects, and house projects. The past month we’ve Chris has redone some electrical and I started to paint the interior doors white.

Our first floor, we replaced the doors entirely and painted, but the second floor we decided to wait to buy replacements and put that money aside for other projects. Painting is so easy, inexpensive, and brightens everything up!

With electrical, we had a few rooms without fans, and the wall switches that worked a plug outlets. Chris rewired through the attic and put in double switches in each bedroom. TGFC.

We’re slowly getting things together around the house, but projects go extremely slowly when Miles is awake! He takes a lot of our energy and focus, and if you have a toddler you know painting isn’t ideal when they want to help, ha. And everyone thinks I get messy with paint…

Hope you enjoy your week. I dropped a table on my leg yesterday, so while I rejoined the gym (story about that decision later) I am not sure how much I’ll be doing there this week. Ugh.

I’m working on going with the flow.

– kn –