Why I decided to rejoin the gym.

Oh, hey there. I’m still here. I took a bit of a mental health break from blogging for a few weeks and sweat out my stress.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, unsure of the next step, and all that deep thought for a few months. It’s been a weird fall, so many emotional ups and downs that I haven’t been able to think straight. We’re trying to get back to our “normal” as a family with all the transition this past year and I think too much change at once hit me hard, like knock down drag out hard.

A year ago, our home had just sold, hard to think, but now we’re finally ready to settle into our forever home for the first of many holiday seasons here. I’ve received a lot of insults based on the location we chose to live, but man, I love it here. It’s perfect for “us” and that’s what really matters. We know what it’s really like to live in a bad neighborhood, no matter how pretty it might look to the outsider. Ah, we just love our new house and our neighbors rock!

I took a little time last week to finally get back into the cooking groove. I made quick stuffed jalapeños one night, followed by chicken and veg enchiladas. Quick, simple, easy, and just what I needed to break out of my foodie rut.

I didn’t follow a recipe, just used what we had on hand. Jalapeños: cream cheese, cheddar, peppers, bacon / Enchiladas: shredded chicken, peppers, tomatoes, seasoning, cheddar, tortillas, enchilada sauce.

I decided to get back into crafts I used to enjoy as a teenager, this time following the directions, starting with cross-stitching. I forgot how relaxing crafting can be… I’m sitting in Miles’ Great Grandma Nesi’s chair, how fitting.

And, I decided after many months of thought, to rejoin the gym. I decided to journal through my stress and realized I needed this back in my life.

I was considering using our family room as a gym in our new home. There is enough space, but then we couldn’t use it to cuddle up in front of the fireplace much. I looked into buying a treadmill, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with quality less than I would get in a gym.

Treadmills of that level are three to four thousand dollars. So, in the end, and much to Chris’ delight, I opted to rejoin the gym. It would take 10 years of gym fees to equal one treadmill in my calculations. If I bought a treadmill, it would have to be the Boston Marathon Treadmill…

Yes, I walked into the gym with a spreadsheet calculation of fees, comparisons based on locations, and the ultimate priced I would be willing to pay (much less than asking). I got the best deal I’ve ever had at the gym this go around, with a signed guarantee that my price won’t increase ever upon renewal; I paid the year in full. Yeah, my weird is showing.

With all the maintenance, space, etc. that a treadmill would take up in our home, I’d also miss out on the alternative equipment. So, this made the best sense financially, space-wise, and for my mental health. Now, I have a place to unwind when I need it. I still love trail running, but I’ve found in just two weeks my mood has lifted, I feel accomplished after five days a week working out, and my muscles are just the right amount of sore.

Funny how the gym colors are the same as McDonald’s these days, but I don’t mind.

Luckily I opted for this choice, as a few days after I joined, I dropped a table on my foot. I wasn’t able to run for a week, but I could bike and lift sitting down. Good thing I had more options than just a treadmill.

In addition, I know some make an excellent argument for at-home workouts. I’ve done videos and lasted several years on and off without a gym membership. I always made it work, but I focus a LOT more on my workouts in a gym than at home. I feel far more guilt working out in the house when I know there are tons of other things to get done.

For me, the gym is a must in my life. A space to be anonymous, get my sweat on, fart if I need to, and have access to all the things I might want to use. Plus, my new gym has a lot more than our old one and some people I know go there which made me feel super comfortable about it. Bonus.

Oh, and it’s less than a mile away – easy to bike to safely. Our old one was five miles to bike each way on a busy road (which I did numerous times) which made me nervous. I ride my bike everywhere these days in our new neighborhood. It’s awesome.

How about you? Do you prefer at home or the gym?

Have you ever cross-stitched? Do you like crafting?

– kn –