Thank you Uncle Jerry. #VeteransDay

My Godfather, and Uncle, Jerry fought in Vietnam as a Marine. He experienced so much so that I am able to enjoy the freedoms I do today, and continue to pass those freedoms down to my children.

I appreciate his service so very much, and we just love him lots. His stories are amazing. I love to listen to where he’s gone, what he’s done, and what he’s seen.  He’s been to more of the the world than I think I’ll ever experience.

Take a moment today to thank a Veteran for their service. We don’t always stop to realize how great we have it in our country with constant negative noise on the news. We have what we have because of people like him willing to give their all – for us.

We drive to Florida ever year to visit Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sandy. This year, with the move we weren’t able to make it this summer. It made me kind of sad, since Miles has grown so very much and is a talkative baby guy these days.

But, that’s not going to stop us though. We still plant to get there before year’s end… keep a look out for that fun adventure. Miles is going to be wild down there chatting them up this year! I’m not sure Uncle Jerry knows what he’s in for… 😀

Thank you Uncle Jerry and all the Veterans today. We appreciate you. You are loved.

– kn –