A little lion and his Batgirl Momma.

Since you missed our Halloween, I thought I’d share some of our holiday. The weekend before Halloween, we went to our friend Abbey and Jay’s house for their annual pumpkin carving and cookie decorating party. They are fabulous hosts!

Jay carved the lower right pumpkin. He’s a pro. Chris fell in love with this and we plan to crash their family party again next year.

I love to see Abbey play with Miles. He just loves Abbey and Jay and it’s so cute to see him have a good time with friends. I also tried to teach him soccer, he’s getting there… maybe.

Halloween proved to be awesome this year. Once Miles got into the groove, he was all about going from house to house. “What’s the next one going to have Mommy?” and he couldn’t wait to ring the bell. Our neighbors were so sweet, giving him holiday cards with gifts and one gave him a bag full of kiddie activities! They’ve said they are so happy we moved in. Abbey and Jay, plus his Uncle B/Aunt J and grandparents also gave him bags of fun stuff, too. This boy is so loved.

And I dressed as Batgirl for Halloween. Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, was a librarian. Fitting it seemed, though Chris told me they canceled the Batman TV series after her character came on, as they were grabbing at straws to get interest. Bummer.

I wore my Vibrams Five Fingers so I looked like a real bat.

Mar-Mar always needs her cuddles, and Halloween was no different!

How was your Halloween? I was tempted to workout as Batgirl, but figured the walking we did all over was enough for that day.

– kn –