Thankful for the NJEA Conference.

Chris and I took a trip to A.C. a week ago to attend the NJEA Conference. Of course, Chris left at 4am to get there to setup to do live podcasting, and I went down later with my conference buddy Mar. She knows how to rock a conference with the best of them. Of course, before we got there, she had to gamble a bit. I’ve been her good luck charm since I was a kid, when I’d stand off the carpet and tell her when to hit the button.

At the conference, we explored the exhibit hall. We grabbed lots of info for our day jobs, as well as lots of ideas for Miles learning and places to visit. A little fun was had, too.

I learned about the most awesome 3D printer I’ve ever seen. The owner is 27 and developed this all himself. He actually prints 3D printer parts for his machines on previous machines. Say, wha? The quality was insane. I might just have to convince my school to buy one of these to add to our collection. We also put ourselves in a video game… yeah, I know, cool huh? I’ll share that when it’s ready.

Later that evening, we hit up our favorite buffet at the Borgata. I don’t know why, buffets are awful for health, but I always enjoy going. Of course, Chris gets his money worth. I stuck with sushi, veggies, salad, and a little dessert. I just can’t stuff myself like I used to.

The next morning when we walked to the car Chris made a joke I just had to share… “Look Kate, the signs are even in another language – 2-D Casino” – haha. That made me laugh. Get it? Yeah, we’re easy to please.

I wasn’t looking forward to going to the conference, feeling extremely overwhelmed with my day job and unsure if this is where my passion lies anymore. I’m glad I went. It made me remember what I enjoyed about education.

I feel like it was just what I needed to remember what’s in my heart and blaze a new path yet again and stop being afraid of what might be in front of me. I’m thankful for Chris’ prodding and Mar’s kindness to bring me down later in the day and hook us up with a great room for the night. I needed that moment of clarity.

Miles spent the two days with his MiMa and Pop-Pop shopping in Lancaster 😀 I missed him a lot.

I’ll figure this thing out we call life and passions one day… right?

– kn –