5 Questions to Find Your Life Purpose

How do you answer the question: What do you do?

I’ve been struggling to find my life’s purpose for quite some time. There are many things I enjoy, but I’ve never understood what the reason is that I’m here to begin with. At times, it ebbs and flows as to how much I examine my life, but more recently I’ve been examining things and finding I might just want to head in a completely and utterly different direction in certain areas of my life.

I came across this video watching other TEDtalks on YouTube, and boy did it help me sum up my life’s purpose. I feel like my purpose is very similar to many…

Who you are:
I am Katelyn Nesi.

What you do:
I help people. I find and share resources, information, or find answers to their questions.
With regards to photography, I give others a memory to keep indefinitely.

Who you do it for:
I do it for everyone I meet. Through this blog, clients, and more directly educators and students.

What those people want and need:
Those people want information, answers, and resources to help make their life easier or more enjoyable. Clients want lasting memories and need a way to create images they’ve only dreamed of.

How they change as a result:
The people I serve change from the information I share; whether it’s a blog post with a recipe or home project, a fitness workout to guide their own plans, a photo session that captured a moment in their life that they’ll never want to forget, or a student who’s life is made easier by understanding the world around them. Maybe even this post helped someone find their own life’s purpose…

I, Kate Nesi, am here to help. Through my own personal learning journey and passions, I am able to change another who is seeking more or give someone a piece of their memories to have and hold.

What I do changes the people I do it for.

I’ve been reminding myself daily that at the very basis of what I am here to do is: to help others.

Your turn: What’s your life purpose?

– kn –