Rest in peace, Bambi.

Bambi and I first met on a fateful day eight and a half years ago at a pet adoption market that grew into a loving relationship in no time. Her story was unknown, just that she was named “Ears” and was rough and tough from the streets of Philadelphia. She was feisty, strong, and didn’t put up with anyone’s crap. She never backed down, she protected us, and she always landed on her feet. One could say, she and I were a lot a like. We were best friends. She was my first little baby.

A lot of people have said that I was a blessing in Bambi’s life, but I believe she was an even bigger blessing in my life. There were many moments in the past eight and a half years when I wasn’t sure how I could continue; then I’d sit on the floor and she’d come over and sit in my lap. She’d curl up as I sat crying, listening without judgement. She’d remind me of the ups and downs we’ve all had and that love and life go on through thick and thin.

Bambi has been on my mind and weighing on my heart for the past several months. The past week, she slowed to a crawl. Her mild groans told me it was time to let go. I slept with her on my lap last night for hours until the sun came up, and we made the decision together, her and I.

I’ve never felt her more at peace than in the hours leading up to her passing. She was calm and relaxed, something most would never describe her as. She was ready, and while I did not ever want to say goodbye, I knew she wanted peace from the pain.

I held her in my arms and wrapped her in warm blanket. We walked out the door into the warmest sun we’ve had in a while. I knew God was looking down upon us. As she rested her head on my arm and drifted away, I felt her love all around me. I’m thankful I was able to comfort her and be with her. She knew I was there, she knew she was loved, she knew she was my girl.

Bambi, we’ll play again in the fields of heaven and lay in the sun until it sets. Until then, guard our home and watch over us.

We love you. We miss you.

Bambi, I may have saved you, but in reality, it was you who saved me.

– kn –