Best of 2014.

Went to the gym today at 5am and it was a miracle. I definitely will be writing about my workouts in the morning again soon. Today was just to get the habit started again, 6.5 miles on the bike. I’m usually up at 5am half awake while Chris gets ready, but worrying about the day ahead. I’m taking it one day at a time; not declaring 5am forever as my workout time, as I have enough pressure I put on myself already!

So far, so good. Finally had my kale and banana smoothie again, too. Yum!

Last week, I was looking through my old posts and I decided to put together some of my favorite images and moments from the year. I dialed back on clients this year, with all the transitions in housing and career, but I am still blown away by some of the gems. I know it’s a bit early, as there is a bit of the year left, but I am thinking maybe in the future I’ll do a best-of for the month 😀

Last January, at the playground with Miles. It was an unusually slightly warmer day.

That time I tried to do a hair tutorial. I’m definitely not destined to be a hair/beauty expert.

Fun at the beach with a sweet family. I love the breeze in her hair.

The second image just makes me ponder, I love the depth and inquisitiveness in his eyes.

The beach. The moments. Love. Love. Love.

As Miles deems this photo the “Bambi in Heaven” photo. She was in heaven that day in the sun.

Twins! Lots of cute twins this year 🙂

He melts my heart.

This couple. These friends. So thankful. And, they photograph so well 😉

More twins! Love these little two guys and their family.

Proof that we’ve made progress in so many ways this year. It’s been hard, but we’ve moved forward.

Super thankful this lady came into my life this year and doesn’t think I’m too crazy to be friends with.

These girls. The smiles on their face despite the tough times this year. Love them.

The little moments captured.

And the bigger moments we were a part of.

His humor and self-confidence.

A culmination of love and a stolen moment away.

Hard to choose, so many images on a gorgeous day.

I still think this one is my favorite.

And this deserves honorable mention…

She made it to her final resting place.

And who doesn’t love a cheesy smile. This baby guy brings so much joy into my heart.

Those were just a few quick moments I pulled out. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in the past year and how very much has changed. I feel 2015 will be an even bigger year for positive change and flow in our lives. Getting back to basics and to the core of who our family is.

– kn –