Hairy Extremes.

Hair has always been a funny thing for me. I’ve been fearless when it comes to changing it up. I always say I’m growing it out to then shortly thereafter chop it off.

I’m have been amazed when I look back at old photos of the time when I went super short. I think it really fits my cheekbones, but man, I think it made my hips look big 😉

Chris isn’t a huge fan of the short hair, but I have a feeling one day I’ll be brave enough to go back to that place and keep it up for awhile… I just need more muscles to balance it out first.

And then there’s the longest hair I’ve had since pre-middle school days. It took me two years of fighting my urges to chop it all off every time I got a hair cut. About two weeks ago, I went shorter.

It was great, but I am not a high maintenance kind of girl. I don’t wear make-up, I like to let my hair do it’s natural thing, and I like to dress comfortably. So, after thinking about it for several weeks, I went back to my usual below the chin hairstyle with a bit of layers tossed in for something new.

I’m not sure where my hair will grow in the future, but I can be sure it’ll be fun to watch the styles change and the length go up and down.

– kn –