Slowing down to enjoy the final moments of 2014.

We’ve been rushing around to get ready for the holidays, and our (first forever home) annual holiday party was a success! We had our first fire here and plan to order wood to keep the fire going throughout the winter.

And Santa made a guest appearance on his fire truck to our party to give all the children a little gift. It was the highlight of our evening, and the kiddos were super excited to sit on Santa’s lap! Go me ;D

My mind has been ruminating far too much. I’ll be taking time off of social media for awhile, a few weeks (or months) break from posting and investing my time on Twitter, IG, and my Facebook Page.

I have a lot of creative projects to finish up this winter, and I’d like to put my focus into those. I will still blog and I am currently coming up with a schedule to continue into the new year. I don’t believe I’ll be here five days a week or every day as in years past, but I will be focusing on more interesting or useful content and a bit less of our daily family life.

I’m going to follow what my heart is telling me and get back to my roots here in photography.

I hope you’ll join me on the adventure that 2015 brings.

– kn –