Happy Holidays! Love, Us

This year the holiday season got away from us. We’ve both said we don’t believe our family has hit “our stride” yet since we’ve moved into our new home. We’re slowly getting back to our normal, but it’ll probably take a good full year before we are back into our routines and feel settled.

Chris took on the task of writing out our Christmas cards last week, so I apologize to anyone who’s card went to the wrong person, was missing names – maybe even ours – and well… we never got around to doing anything photographically with Miles to send out. Doh.

We did however finally paint a wall in our office for me to shoot semi-studio-style images. We took a few minutes to test it out.

Here’s the closest we’ll get to a holiday photo this year…

There’s always 2015, right?

I came across this idea… might have to consider it for next year: How to Start a Cookbook Club

Are you in?

– kn –