2104 Wrap-Up and Looking into 2015

2014 was a year of ups and downs, but looking back it had more downs than ups. We started the year staying with my mom, unsure of where our forever home would be or when we’d find it. Throughout the winter, there were misunderstandings which compounded my seasonal doldrums. When spring finally came, someone I looked up to highly passed on without notice. We lost an amazing person in our family and it stings a bit to this day.

From that moment on, our focus shifted and our priorities were realized. We found our forever home and through a long bidding/closing process we settled in at the end of the summer. The school year started with a new job for me, closer to home with high expectations, in which I quickly realized expectations did not meet reality. The fall was filled with a lot of tears, confusion, questioning, loss of confidence, and finally hard decision making.

Bambi went on to a better place and I cannot wait to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge again one day.

We ended the year on a better note, with a new job starting for me in a few weeks even closer to home, and a trip to Florida. While the weather wasn’t perfect the entire time in Florida, it was a good reflection of our year. Some warmth, some cold, some rain, some sun. We rang in the New Year in Florida by sleeping through it and the fireworks all around us.

Our 2015 started off with the best drive ever home from Florida in sunny weather that included zero traffic the entire way and a completion time of 17 hours on the nose (usually a 19-20 hr drive).

I’m a deep thinker, sometimes to a fault. This fall I was lost in misery and deep thought, wondering how I ended up in the situation I was in. I worked months to slowly bring back my confidence and realize my passions once again for libraries and this profession I hold dear to my heart. I questioned who I was at my core and if I should be doing what I am doing or if I should just give up entirely. I decided to persevere and place my faith and hope in God’s hands.

Through quiet listening and mindfulness, I realized what I truly enjoyed about my profession and what was missing. I’m hoping this year to add back in those missing core library pieces and really grow professionally through more active involvement in conferences, meetings, and activities; as well as reading more books and sharing with others!!

Mindfulness is a word that kept coming back to me in the fall. Be mindful of the moment. Don’t regret the past decisions, as they were the best decisions you could have made with the information you had. Don’t plan out the future too far in advance, as something will inevitably surprise you. My word for 2015 is mindfulness. A close second is contentment.

I’d like to be more mindful in each moment in life, family, and work. I’d also like to consider seeking contentment, not superior happiness in every walk of life. If anything, we are so content and happy with our forever home, that is one thing I no longer worry about 🙂

This year may be filled with more fearless reflective writing and less photos, but I’m looking to refresh my photographic passions this year. I’ve grown stagnant and bored with photography the past few years. I’m sure you’ve noticed. So I’m taking time off of client work to stoke that little fire inside again.

With running, I am making 2015 the Year of the 5k. I’m tired of pursuing huge hairy audacious goals that don’t fit our current lifestyle or priorities as a family – only to be terrified I’ll get injured again and feel the pain I did before. I’d like to just find that contentment with running again.

There was once a time when a 5k was a far distance for me, but now I feel it’s something I can accomplish and improve. There are a few 5k races I’m looking at and will share after I complete them.

Food is always a friend to me. I love eating strange or crunchy granola. It just feels good on the inside and is quite fun to talk about. I started off the new year with a lunch bag full of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I wasn’t sure it was enough food to keep me full all day, but man, I couldn’t finish half of it. I felt so full, light, and energetic.

I’m not saying you won’t see any fudge on the blog in the future, but it feels like Chris and I are finally settling back into our home cooking groove after almost six months in our house. We are planning meals again, I’ve rediscovered a favorite local farmer’s market, and I feel excited to prepare meals. I’m also enjoying my morning juice/smoothie again.

It’s been a ride. Odd years are always better years for me, so I’m just glad I survive the toils and troubles of 2014 to see the triumphs and excitement 2015 will bring.

Here’s to mindfulness and contentment in life.

P.S. What’s your word for 2015?

– kate –