Meet Ruby.

I started off the week with an amazing 1 mile run, with a 1/2 mile warm-up and cool down at 8% incline. Yep, I’m back to short miles people. It’s okay, I’m embracing the 5k distance this year, so I’ll be hovering under 5 miles for much of the duration. I sang and danced on the treadmill much to the laughs of those around me. I’m glad I could be the entertainment while people pushed aside their discomfort. A long cry from my first day in the gym, intimidated, ha.

It was heartbreaking to lose Bambi last year, as she was such an integral part of our lives. After she passed, I spent a lot of time visiting shelters, meeting dogs who never seemed interested in me, and being denied for adoption applications because I had a young child and most shelters do not want to adopt small dogs to families with young children.

Miles is different. He’s been around small dogs since the day he was born. He treats them with kindness, but mostly ignores them. And I don’t tolerate animal cruelty by any child, mine included. It’s hard to convey that in a five minute conversation with a shelter, and thus I was left wondering if we’d ever find a perfect fit for our family.

We went on vacation to Florida for the holiday break, but came home to an empty house. Chris didn’t seem to mind, but I felt the quietness grow louder.

Then, I applied for “Ruthie”… and was approved to meet her in her foster home.

She licked my finger the first time we met, and actually seemed interested in smelling Miles and finding out who we were. My mom instantly bonded with her. She is so gentle, calm, relaxed, and easy going. I’m sure over time she’ll come out of her shell, but right now, she’s just loving and sweet. And well, she reminds me of an old man minus the grumpiness.

The funny thing is, when I saw her photo I never got my hopes up. I thought, well, we’ll see. I didn’t want another fearful aggressive Chihuahua that I had to worry about grooming, or even being around other dogs and children. Bambi was great, but she came with a bag of issues that I did not want to deal with again.

My mom spoke to Miles before his nap yesterday about meeting Ruthie, but he kept correcting my mom and telling her that the dog’s name was “RUBY!” not Ruthie. Up until this point, any time I took him to meet a dog, he said either the dog’s shelter name or just, yep, it’s “Dog” and showed little interest. We even met a big dog, but he said, “Nope, Mom, tooooo big.” Which he was right. I’m not a big dog kind of gal.

Miles showing Ruby how much money he has in his wallet.

So, after meeting Ruthie for a half hour and getting to know her, realizing she’s so easy going (wears a sweater with ease, you can touch her paws, collar, ears, teeth! without a snarl) and that she is crate-trained and almost housebroken… I uttered the words, “I’d love to adopt her if that’s okay.”

We did all the paperwork and Miles told her, “Your name is Ruby!” and then promptly asked the woman for a cookie (for himself). He’s not shy, even though Ruby may be a little.

She’s had a long journey from the south, but she’s home now. She’s funny looking to me with terrier white hair and chihuahua black hair, but I am looking forward to a long friendship together. She’s already been to PetSmart to shop and I’ve spent more time outdoors than I have all winter… in single digit temps. We’ll see how she does today.

And, like I mentioned earlier, we spent a week in Florida in slightly warmer temps over the holiday break visiting Aunt Bubbles and Uncle Jerry. Miles was a crack-up. He did so well during the 17-19hr drive each way, telling jokes and keeping us laughing. This kid will get to Disney in a few years 😀

I feel like the Grinch… and my heart grew three sizes yesterday.

Happy New Year.

– kate –