One of the concepts I’ve been holding tightly too this winter is that life is a series of seasons. We go through time periods of change, stagnation, setbacks, and tremendous growth.

As I was mulling within a setback this fall, my friend Liz said, “it’s just the season you’re in.” This age, this position, this season in parenting and in life. It’s a season we’ll be out of in a few years, but a season to be enjoyed nonetheless like any other season.

As days are sometimes difficult, I remind myself that this is just “the season I’m in” and that it will not last forever. Nothing is permanent. Everything is always changing.

Raising a toddler/young child is challenging. Deciding the next steps for your own professional life or path, on top of the transitions in other areas of life is also challenging. Put it all together and it makes for a messy season of change.

A season nonetheless. One that’ll be over before I know it, but feels like it’ll never end while in it.

– kate –