My very own tool man and crock pot pulled pork.

Nothing like a quick power outage to spoil a crock pot dinner only a few hours into the cooking process. That’s how my life feels right in this moment, but it’s a moment, and it’ll surely pass. I was able to salvage the dinner, cook the rest on high (it was fully cooked when I found it, just not pull-apart), and enjoy pulled pork sandwiches with homemade coleslaw (I never knew it was that easy) on kaiser rolls.

Lemonade out of lemons friend.

Thank goodness I married my very own tool man. Home Improvement was a favorite show of mine as a youngin’. I always wanted a humorous husband who was good with tools… and that people, I got. Now, a truck to drive home such projects… we improvise. He at least knows how they drive in Compton now.

Miles has been enjoying cooking a lot. Beware, this kiddo is going to make some amazing meals when he can work with real food. He has been helping out in the kitchen and he’s pretty spot on with his cake recipe.

Don’t mind his reaction. He was in the middle of explaining his recipe for the soup on the stove there.

And most evenings and weekends I’ve spent cuddling with my Rubes. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have a pup who is so intelligent (already knows sit, down, stand) after one night of home training. I kept my notes from my 8-week course with Bambi eight years ago (alongside rotties and pit bulls no kidding); I’ve been using those and it’s working perfectly. She walks on a leash nicely, looks at Miles like he’s a nut, and has spent time with my mom’s dogs without issue.

Ruby dooby, you’re awesome.

I haven’t gotten much in, in the way of working out, but those moments are starting to return to my schedule. I’ve been walking outside when I can; Ruby makes that easier. And I’m looking forward to the snow and getting out on a trail or two soon.

So much for better content, ha. This is all I’ve got for now, but spring is coming…

– kate –