Because I’m Happy.

I had all intentions of sitting down to write up a bunch of helpful blog posts and stories about the recent week, but then I decided to take a nap and have oatmeal and blueberry tea.

So much has been swirling through my mind, but one thing that hasn’t -> stress. I absolutely love my new position and the new people I work with. I can finally get back to being a “librarian” in every sense of the word; instead of whatever it was that I was imprisoned in before. What a difference a week makes!

God is good. Life is good. I feel like a whole new person. I feel so lighthearted. So ready to tackle anything that comes my way and ready to really learn and grow more. I have no regrets; it all happened for a reason. And good thing, because this guy needs a fun, happy Momma.

Chris magically convinced Miles to wear jeans today, because hey, you can put your tools in them. So, bam. We finally have a kid who will wear regular pants other than to parties. He always says, “Mom, jeans are for birthday parties.”

The guys are out doing house reno and repair at MiMa and PopPop’s today.

I’ll be enjoying some time to relax (should probably go to the gym…) and messing up recipes by not following all the directions (whoops!).

Ah, it feels so nice to be able to get back to normal life again. Now… if spring would hurry up, then I can get back outdoors, too!

I’m debating on some new workout goals. I’d like to get stronger than I ever have been and focus less on cardio. With the new job, I’m pumped to get back into a normal routine again. I am hoping to hop off the elliptical this coming week and back into the weights area. Though I’m afraid to face how weak I have become.

Always restarting, but never giving up completely.

What are your goals for the new month ahead?

– kate –