Greek Salad, Homemade Hummus, and a Secret Message

My brain has been on the fritz now for a few months. It took me three trips to various food stores to finally get all of the ingredients for this homemade greek salad for lunches this week. And well, I actually want to eat this goodness once again.

I had a list, but forgot a few items from the recipe, then realized later that we ran out of olive oil. Why do I make homemade stuff? I guess I enjoy driving myself crazy. It would have been far easier to just buy it prepared or anything prepared at the first store, ha.

This weekend, we spent time with friends, Abbey and Jay. Abbey has been making homemade hummus for quite some time and I had a chance to eat almost all of sample her hummus. It was yummy! We talked about tahini, and I mentioned I had tried to make it years ago, but never fell in love with the flavor.

Thus, I was so delighted by her hummus (I’m not a fan of store hummus so much) I decided to try to make it again! I toasted the sesame seeds first.

Then I processed them with 3 tbsp of olive oil (right before I ran out of it!). And thus, we have tahini.

Then I made hummus using dried chick peas… which took all day to cook. I had to keep shutting them off to go back to the store, so it was a nice long 5 hour process of the fast soak method and then cooking. I always forget how long dried beans take… canned would’ve been easier. I just like the healthier “idea” and costs of dried vs. canned.

The final hummus was fantastic. I’m bringing it for a snack this week at work most days. YUM!

In other news, Miles is turning into a little photographer. He uses one of my old tripods and sets it up to “take pictures” even though he doesn’t have a camera on it. He’s too funny! I want to look into kiddie digital cameras so we can actually save some of his photos. A few times he’s grabbed a hold of my camera and snapped some interesting ones…

And we posted this on social media a few days ago… “Miles is cooking up something good.” After a little while, people caught on to the hidden meaning…

…on his shirt.

This go around, I just haven’t felt like posting a “guess what / we are” social post. We’ve been trying to share with others in person instead of going the whole online route. Personally, I loved keeping it my little secret for quite some time (aside from being sicker than ever before and struggling to just live a basic life). It was something the world didn’t have to know about, but now it’s getting a little more obvious as the weeks progress.

It’s going to be one fun summer!

– kate –