It’s a…

…BOY! 😀

I’m excited to have two boys to get dirty with and be the queen of the castle. I’ll never have to shovel the driveway or mow the lawn again, right? Chris is thrilled and how we finally found out is a funny story for another day. I’m glad I hung in there to get to this point, I was feeling quite uneasy if it was going to be a girl (my gut feeling) and I wasn’t sure what to do with a girl! I’m not much of a girly girl even though I could definitely go for a pedicure right about now.

I took a few self-portraits this weekend, as I realized I haven’t taken any maternity shots since getting pregnant. Being ridiculously sick will do that to you. With Miles I took some each month, starting around 12-ish weeks. I’m at 20 weeks now, halfway to the finish line (or more, this baby needs to come a bit early!).

Hope you had a very Happy Easter with your family and friends! I’m hoping to get a little relaxation in this week to gear up for the busy spring and summer ahead.

– kate –

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