What a child free weekend looks like these days.

It’s rare we get a long weekend without parenting duties, but when we do you’d think we’d take advantage by laying around on the couch, relaxing, and going out to fancy dinners or dates. Not even close to reality… we try to cram as much in as we can so get things done since we won’t have to stop for naps, mealtimes, or little hands getting into trouble.

Our weekend started with Miles leaving to go visit his grandparents for a few days on Friday evening. As usual, he requested a red pepper for a snack when we went to the store together earlier. Eats these things like apples.

I took a photo on Friday morning, six months along. I feel ginormous and everyone is noticing now. I think the white shirt makes it pop out a bit! 6am does not look good on me.

Saturday morning, we stood in a long line and took Ruby for her rabies shot, then we decided to grab a nice breakfast since Miles was away. We ended up heading into Ocean Grove, where there happened to be a street fair to walk through. We were on a mission for the day, so no browsing really happened.

The Starving Artist was our destination, as the Barbaric Bean was out of business! I was going to take Chris there for a BattleAxe sandwich, oh man. Those were good.

Chris, the artist.

I ordered what was the best tasting pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich I’ve had in a long time. It’s a nice treat time and again that reminds me of breakfasts with my Dad who loved pork roll!

Chris did a little #pancakepd with a Starving Artist special.

I asked Chris to take a photo of me on the street. Fat or pregnant? One never knows.

We went to Lowe’s to get home improvement things, including ordering a small freezer. Our top fridge/bottom freezer is awesome, but the freezer bins leave much to be desired when you have oddly shaped goods. We also never were able to have a freezer in our townhouse, so it’s nice to open up some more options for ordering larger quantities of meats, or storing more from the farm pickings.

Chris took me for lunch. I’m a cheap date. We had a coupon.

Once we did a ton of house projects, we were able to relax a bit at our friend’s house for a yummy homemade dinner. Sorry there aren’t any more photos. The Peeps S’mores dip we brought was a success!

Sunday continued with a ton of house projects, cleaning, reorganization, food shopping, planning, and a billion other things. I think from the moment Chris took Miles away, I didn’t sit down until he came home Sunday night.

We ordered our first 1/2 cord of wood for next winter, too. Chris found the simple storage design online and $10 and 10 minutes later we were stacking up a truck load dumped in our driveway. This is going to smell good next winter 🙂

I’m still recovering from the long busy weekend. What happened to those lazy days of many years ago? We seem to be on the go daily, always with someone to see, an event to go to, or home projects to attend to. We usually get a break mid-winter, but that has yet to happen. I need to slow down a bit. I’m hoping the summer brings a bit more down time before the real non-sleeping weeks begin.

Ruby is still sick, keeping me up at night 2-3 times a night (but not during the day). I’ve deduced it’s some form of an acid reflux through the medicine she’s been on, cooking her homemade meals, mixing in dry kibble and feeding her several times a day vs. one. There are a few more days of things I’m going to try before we head to the vet again. The poor thing.

I feel so bad for her, but gosh I need to get a full night’s rest soon…

– kate –