From prodromal concerns to pre-term labor and how I taught Monkey the word “ridiculous” this week.

So, I had this whole post yesterday about my body being strange, second pregnancies out to get me, and these contractions which I thought were Braxton Hicks (never had them before with Miles) which were slowing me down and waking me up in the middle of the night since Sunday morning. I was boo-hooing the long road ahead and how I’m going to figure out the time off, insurance, and a whole host of other concerns this go around.

I taught Miles “this is ridiculous” when I was so uncomfortable dropping him off in the mornings. He went on to run away yelling, “ridiculous, reeeediculleeeous” trying to remember the word and laughing at me.

It’s supposed to easier with number two…

Yeah, and then this happened.

Turns out… I went to get checked by my midwives at many people’s urgings (I have a high pain tolerance [see: natural delivery after 4 days of prodromal] and thought nothing of it) and found I was in pre-term labor contracting 4 minutes apart regularly.

After being monitored by my midwives for 30-45 minutes and a clear pattern of contractions, only backing off slightly with lots of water, I was sent to the hospital to be hydrated via IV fluids, run a bunch of tests, and monitor everything for 6 long, hungry hours. We found peanut butter and crackers in the side snack room we remembered from Miles’ birth; take that hospital!

I felt like what most people must feel like in a normal labor and delivery room – – hooked up to monitors, IVs, stuck in bed. I never labored like that with Miles (refused to lay down, was only monitored a few minutes every hour, and no IV), so it was interesting to have that experience. To be honest, I now really have no desire to labor like that again as long as this baby keeps cooking inside another 3 months. Get me up, walking, and in the tub!

It was a long afternoon/evening, and even my big guy fell asleep waiting for things to figure themselves out.

I’ll have to be monitored more often now, but it’s good I went in to get checked and have been given orders to rest and drink a lot more fluids. I am also trying to eat a bit more during the day as well. I’m just about hitting 26 weeks and it is definitely way too early for a birthday baby guy.

If anything, this experience made me more confident in my midwives and my choice to work with them despite other’s concerns at times. When they told me to head to the hospital immediately, I cried, and I wasn’t a patient, I was a person. Hugs all around, kind words, assurance, and I even ran into the midwife who remembered the long delivery of Miles. They made me feel better and not like I was “faking” something or calling it “false”. I did also get to meet the OB in the practice who would handle delivery via c-section if needed and he was calm as well.

All I can do right now is “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…” or laying around. Probably laying around. Yes, definitely laying around. I’m tired. I still don’t feel right, but I’m a fighter and so is this little guy. We’ve got at least another 11 weeks to cook and maybe I’ll finally be able to “take it easy” for awhile.

Time for more gatorade and… never ending potty breaks.

– kate –