The Making of Homemade Twin Bed by my big guy, Chris

Chris and I weren’t sure what we wanted to do for Miles when it was time to move out of the crib. We had gotten a convertible crib for him which was awesome to use as a toddler bed, but with baby guy #2 on the way we weren’t sure if we should convert to a full and get another set of furniture or go with a twin bed.

After many weeks back and forth, we decided to reuse the convertible crib for numero dos, and go with a homemade twin bed a la Chris. He’s been wanting to build a bed since he started his woodworking journey last summer. So, after looking through three stores for bedroom furniture, I said… go for it.

Even in 80 degree weather, he was out sanding, cutting, and building. The sad part is, his workshop is a crazy mess and will probably be the last project he does after everything else. It’s funny how that works out, but once his workshop is setup how he’d love it to be, he’ll start creating things by request I’m sure!

I’m a rough project manager to work for. I don’t give union breaks, food breaks, or sleep breaks. I just want the projects done, and I always thing they’ll take half the time they do. I love that Chris doesn’t care how wack-a-doo I am, and he works well into the night at times to stay ahead of schedule and complete everything before the weekend is over.

I don’t tell him often, and he’ll probably look at the photos and skip reading my writing, but I truly admire his openness to learning new things, creating with his hands, and having no fear tackling projects or anything that happens around the house. He’s come such a long way since our first few days in our very first home when he was unsure of how to even hang a ceiling fan and I said, “Call my dad to help you. I’m not paying someone.” From there, he never had a choice again 🙂

He’s grown beyond belief, and I hope to learn from him as he goes. I love you, man.

Miles checking out his new bed.

The final staining and poly coat before it was put into place. The bed can be taken apart in sections if we ever need to move it to another room, which I feel is an added bonus!

And Mr. Miles’ bed all made up.

Miles’ bed came with a Dorie from Little Nemo… “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming.” He swears I’m fish food.

And the bed’s place for now, until I move furniture around and we re-do the placement of wall hangings.

I will be honest, I had my doubts. How good could a homemade bed be?

Well, after seeing this project unfold and come together – I definitely want more homemade beds in the house. This bed is so sturdy, I don’t think we could’ve bought anything better (?? – unless it was from a custom wood worker creating something similar for triple the price – maybe?).

It’s so awesome to be able to truly customize and have full control over the final outcome. We opted for a stain to match other furniture in his room, but I definitely have more woodworking ideas for Chris.

He’s going to be one busy hubby this year 🙂 I’m glad he enjoys it – – – and hopefully he can teach me how to use his tools once I’m more mobile and agile again. For now, I’ll settle on resting in bed with Miles when he says, “Mommy, come lay with me in my new bed!!”

– kate –