Thankful Thursday | Monkey’s Comedy and Vacuums

Monkey has a slight obsession with vacuums. We thought it was a two-year-old phase, but it’s continued for well over a year. While he got over his up/down stair climbing in that time, vacuums have always been close to his heart.

I wonder if he’ll be the next Dyson, because he doesn’t exactly want to clean with the vacuum, but he LOVES to take them apart and put them back together. We’ll see!

I’m thankful this week for the joy, silliness, and comedy he brings into my life (as well as a good vacuum to keep him busy from time to time). Monkey’s comedic timing is amazing, and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine. Seriously, this kid is a trip. I wish I were even half as funny as he. Monkey loves to bring the house down, and he does it well.

When asked if I could take his picture. See, even my own kiddo wants nothing to do with my camera.

Finally convinced him to give me a smile.

And an even bigger cheeser… my little sailor man in his clam diggers.

Hope you enjoyed getting back into the groove of work this week!