$40 to a new couch

When you sit home all day with a newborn, you start to notice things you didn’t pay much attention to before. One thing I noticed tremendously was our couch. We love our couch but it wasn’t looking too spunky as of late. It was getting a bit uncomfortable, too.

So, while a baby slept on me, I googled how to refurbish your couch and learned it was quite easier than I thought. This saved us thousands, because I was ready to go out and buy a new couch for a few weeks, but we couldn’t decide 100% on which style or what we liked… but we knew we liked our current couch. Don’t worry, though, I managed to spend that money elsewhere and it wasn’t on a sunny warm vacation to a beautiful tropical location.

A big box of Poly-Fil from Walmart and two bags of quilt batting later =

$40 and a comfier couch

Ruby just had to be in all the photos.

She wanted to show off her paw prints…

So far, it’s worked out great and it’ll give us a bit more life out of our couch while we’ve got two little kiddos. Though, I am glad that we don’t allow eating on the couch for the kiddos much, so we don’t have spills or food stains to worry about!

– kate –