Making Homemade Baby Food

One of my favorite things to do for my little baby guy, Crab, is to make homemade baby food. We do use premade jars of food on occasion for a quick weekend meal when we have company or when we’ve gone to someone’s house and the food we are bringing would be sitting out for quite some time. Otherwise, my freezer is currently stocked with delicious bites and it took one Sunday afternoon to make enough food for probably 1-2 months of meals.

I like to cook on Sunday afternoons, making a huge mess of the kitchen all at once. It just seems easier to use all the tools and then clean up vs. daily mess for little meals. The particular weekend I made baby food, I also threw together this homemade ice cream. You can see the egg yolks and pot for it in the background.

I start out with a bunch of vegetables and some fruits. I prep all of the items first (unless it’s apples, I’ll peel them before cooking) by peeling or chopping. This time around everything I made I used a steaming basket and rinsed everything in-between each item (it was for his first foods, in the future I won’t need to rinse between as much).

And I put all the remnants into a bowl for our new compost area outside.

Steaming vegetables is super easy. Prep them, throw them in a pot within a steaming basket, boil the water and let them go until tender to the touch with a fork. You can also microwave vegetables until tender or boil/roast.

I prefer steaming, but microwaving is the next best option. Boiling might cause the produce to lose more nutrients than with other methods. And roasting I do for fuller flavors as he gets older and I’ll start to add in seasonings.

Next, I pureed each batch in the blender with a bit of the water from below the steamer. I don’t love our blender, so next time I’ll go back to my usual method of using the food processor.

Doesn’t that look yummy?

Once the puree is complete, I found these awesome Kiddo Feedo silicone molds to put about 2oz of food in to freeze. I freeze the blobs overnight and then pop them into a freezer bag for future meals. You can also use these molds to bake in which is fun, too!

Each day I’ll toss a block of food in a fridge container to thaw (or microwave if I forget) and he’s got a fresh vegetable or fruit to eat. My recent batch included carrots, sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, and white sweet potatoes.

It turned out that we’ve even tossed some of these cubes in the microwave for a quick mashed potato side to a dinner dish. The Crab loves these meals so much more than the jars, it’s quite funny to watch him be excited after the first taste. They say fresh food tastes better, but since we rarely used jars with Monkey, I didn’t actually see the difference. Crab goes wild for his fresh bites, which only encourages me to offer him more fresh options in the future.

With Monkey and Crab we used the cereals from the store at first, as with Crab I attempted to process oats for his meals, but they were just too thick to start out. Once we run out of the cereals though, we’ll switch to the regular oats and other items in our pantry. He’s already used to different textures, as we’ve occasionally given him some food from our plates as well. He just loves sitting next to Daddy at meal times!