No New Clothes for A Year

I wrote about my reasons not to buy new clothes for a year, on my personal blog, after reading an impressive challenge via Mrs. FrugalWoods. She continued her journey through pregnancy and postpartum, which I find to be very challenging in the clothes sizes I’ve experienced up and down the past five years.

I thought I’d take a moment to update you in the process and what I’ve saved thus far, as well as my hopes going forward. I started this challenge for myself the weekend of Thanksgiving 2015. I chose to avoid buying and actually shopping on Black Friday, a day which I usually do a lot of shopping for holiday gifts and for myself!

I did not buy any new clothing for the month of December, January, or February. I received as a Christmas gift a pair of suede boots and pajamas, and I was given a nice sweater as well. Those are the only new items I’ve acquired in that time, and it’s been quite nice not slumming around the stores looking in the ladies departments the past few months.

I’d like to update you monthly here about this challenge and keep track of how it’s going.

I did purchase a pair of quality ($200) snow boots in January, only to decide to return them (thanks Zappos!), because I truly did not need them. They were super comfortable and will be great in the snow, but considering our mild winter it was a purchase made out of impulse vs. necessity. I have them in my favorites for when my current 15+ year old boots are in need of replacing in a few years.

With that return, I kept to my challenge.

I am currently trying to lose about 50lbs, which I have several small bins of clothing that are my favorites to return back to once I can drop this baby weight. My goal is to lose the weight by the summer, eeek!, and if so I can donate the larger sizes with plans to never return to this size again.

I do believe I will need a few new undergarments in the coming months, but I will update you on any purchases if they do have to happen. And as I’m training for more longer distance races, I may need to update a pair or two of running sneakers.

Other than those minor excuses, I look forward to keeping to this challenge and seeing how little I need to go on with regards to women’s fashion.