No New Clothes: March Update

So far, since the end of November, I’ve not purchased any new clothes (4 months!). I have several good reasons, one of which are several bins of smaller sized clothing prepartum to get back into. This month I continued to skip clothes shopping, although I did end up getting one new pair of running sneakers. If there is anything I am not willing to give up, it is appropriate footwear for running.

Unfortunately, even though I tried on about 6 different running pairs and landed on one that seemed like a winner, my knees were hurting after just a few short runs (and I can’t return them, bummer). So, I’m running in my older sneakers that still have life left in them, and the new ones have been great for walking.

They might do better for my knees when I lose a bit of weight, as I can’t say for sure it’s the shoes since I’m carrying quite a bit more poundage than ever before while running.

I’ve got about 40+lbs to lose (down 25lbs from birth – yep, no matter what I do, I gained 55lbs with both children – and this 2nd one I started at a higher weight). I’ll get there, and you can follow more of my fitness journey on my personal blog.