No New Clothes: April Update

It’s been almost half a year without buying new clothes and I can say it’s been far easier than I had originally thought. When I started, I was unsure how I’d make it through the post-partum weight-loss process without new clothes to get me through the mid-way between size situation.

Now, I’m treating the weight-loss similar to the pregnancy weight-gain, slowly changing over to clothing that will fit with a belt or a button open. Doing it in reverse, so I can slowly donate the larger clothing once I’m finished completely. Seeing as how I own 3 bins worth of smaller sized clothing from my pre-pregnancy days, I will have more than enough clothing when I am finished losing weight.

What has this challenge taught me thus far?

I spend less time in the store because I’m no longer browsing for seasonable fashions. I skip over the clothing section completely and don’t even walk into clothing stores anymore. With the boys, I look or take a picture of cute outfits instead of buying them. Their drawers are barreling over in clothing so I haven’t bought much for them either, and nothing in the past month. They also receive gifts of clothing, which are super cute!

I am definitely spending less than I had before, as I seem to have more allowance money and more to put into savings. The money I’ve saved from no new clothing I’m considering putting towards our food budget to buy better quality food for my family. And as I increase the quality of the food we eat, I will also continue to lose weight and fit back into the clothes that bring me joy.

I look forward to continuing through the summer on this challenge and into the fall. I’ve found it’s broken my need from the latest styles, and I am planning to pare down my wardrobe tremendously once I reach my goal weight range. I love the simple idea of having a few go-to items for various occasions and taking the choice out of the daily dressing game.

So, this month, no new clothes, shoes or otherwise for myself. I did however receive two new t-shirts from running two 5k races, and Chris received one as well. Both races were charitable donations. In addition, I did spend a hefty $5 on a t-shirt for Chris that supports a local recovery effort after a hurricane that hit 3 1/2 years ago.

Your turn: Would you ever consider a no clothes buying challenge? Why do you think it might be hard to achieve or do you think it would be a walk in the park?