No New Clothes: May Update

Another month has gone by, to make it over 6 months since I went on a clothes shopping ban. Let’s see what happened this month…

I didn’t purchase any new clothing, but I did receive 5 shirts as a part of registering for 5 running/triathlon races. Two were from local 5k races, one from a triathlon, and 2 tank tops from virtual 4 and 6-mile running races. Whew! I didn’t realize how much I spent this past month towards races, but they were all donations to charity for the runs, except for the triathlon (which I did not complete, bummer).

It’s a good thing I’ll be on a tidying binge this summer as my running shirt drawer has overflown. Some of the shirts have been getting better, with a mixed cotton for softness and better sweat wicking. Some shirts are the old school stiff cotton, of which I might end up donating anyway.

No one else bought clothing in my house, except I purchased 2 uniform shirts for Monkey for the fall. Last summer, I went to tons of stores in search of his school colors to find nothing left on the shelves. This year, I picked up two a little early because they were available. As we tidy up and clear out, I’ll have a better gauge of what will fit him in the fall and what we’ll need to pickup (if anything) for his school clothes next year.

And that’s it. Six months clothes shopping free, though I do look forward to getting one of these fun shirts maybe for my birthday.